How it all began….

Our story is a shared experience, a familiar feeling that resonates with all of us when it comes to food. Similar to many, we share a genuine passion for enjoying delicious meals, whether it's at home or away. While some of us are enthusiastic about cooking, others simply relish the joy of eating. Yet, when it comes to the process of cooking, there are a few aspects we'd all prefer to avoid if we had the chance – the time-consuming preparation, the lengthy cooking period, and most of all the annoying cleanup before and after eating. This emotion is the motivation behind our journey.

Here’s where the concept of PRESOI (Pre-Resoi) was born. We aspired to
provide freshly-made gravies that could be prepared in just a matter of minutes, and not only with ease but also with minimal mess. By combining our cherished homemade recipes with the innovative freeze-drying technology, we were able to accomplish just that. The freeze-drying method not only preserves the flavors and aromas but also grants us the freedom to whip up a delicious meal anywhere, anytime. It's simply about savoring your food without the hassle of complex cooking.

Our Motto

Our motto is stated in our tagline “Cooking Made Easy”, we aim to simplify your everyday cooking experience. We're here to rescue students away from home, help travelers during their travels, provide convenience to busy professionals, extend a helping hand to senior citizens, and offer a lifeline to anyone who simply loves to eat but dreads the cooking process.


We firmly believe that cooking should be an easy enjoyable activity,  rather than a burdensome chore. That's precisely why our goal is to provide hassle-free, easy-to-cook products that are not only irresistibly delicious and brimming with nutrition but also ready to enjoy in mere minutes, all while embracing the comforting and nostalgic flavors of home.